Custom Websites and CMS Integrations

At Glennon Consulting we focus on building custom software and custom Content Management System (CMS) integrations for businesss of all sizes. Over the years we have built many solutions including: Ektron implementations; Wordpress implementations; data synchronization applications; Intranet solutions; Extranet solutions; REST-based services that allow custom iPad applications to connect and gather real-time data from the field and much more.

All new websites that we build are built using responsive design best practices. This allows the content of the website to resize dynamically based on the device being viewed, which is particularly important in today's world of mobile devices and varying screen sizes. We build analytics into all sites so that you have a more clear understanding of who visits your site, from where and what they're viewing. We can also work with you to translate that analytics data into meaningful analysis to drive conversion. We provide the consulting services to help you conduct A/B Testing and to get setup with Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and more.

ZOLL Medical

Ektron© CMS Integration
ZOLL Medical Thumbnail

ZOLL Medical Websites

We conduct Ektron consulting and programming for the ZOLL family of websites. We have also created and maintain a custom REST-Based Web Service that connects to their Ektron implementation to provide real-time data to iPad applications deployed in the field.

  • Client: ZOLL Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group company
  • Role: Ektron CMS Consulting & Programming
  • Year: 2012

Dover Shines

Showcasing Great Student Works
Dover Shines

Dover Shines

There are a lot of great students doing a lot of great work. This site was invented to showcase just that. We were approached by a teacher in the Dover, NH school system that had an idea to showcase and celebrate the great work of students across the district. In collaboration with a group of dedicated teachers and the Rotary Club of Dover we worked together to make the Dover Shines website. We provided the design, WordPress implementation and WordPress user training. The site is a responsive design mobile-ready website.

  • Client: Jackie Tromba, Dover NH Teacher and Rotary Club of Dover NH
  • Role: Design, Programming, Training, Hosting and Support
  • Year: 2013

Crotched Mountain Hospital

Ektron CMS Integration
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Crotched Mountain Hospital and Rehabilitation Center

Crotched Mountain had a website design that needed an Ektron CMS integration and user training. We converted the design into an Ektron managed website, deployed it to their servers and conducted training sessions for their content editors on how to use the CMS. We also provided technical guidance to their team to ensure a smooth transition to in-house management.

  • Client: Crotched Mountain Foundation
  • Role: Ektron CMS Consulting, Programming, Technical Support and User Training
  • Year: 2011


Ektron© CMS Integration
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Cyber M@rketing Websites

This is a description of the project. This text is optional and the site layout works fine without it. The slider above (included in the Pro version only) is swipe-enabled with hardware accelerated transitions so it works super-smoothly on touch devices like the iPhone and iPad.

  • Client: Cyber M@rketing Services
  • Role: Ektron CMS Consulting & Programming
  • Year: 2009

Cochecho Arts Festival

Responsive Layout WordPress Implementation
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Cochecho Arts Festival

We have been working with the Cochecho Arts Festival for many years now, in fact Doug Glennon is a Past-Chair of the festival committee. We have built two version of the site now. The first was a custom built .NET website that made for easy updating. The current version is a WordPress implementation with a responsive design layout that is mobile friendly.

  • Client: Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce
  • Role: WordPress implementation, Training and Support
  • Year: 2008

Who We Are

Glennon Consulting started in 2000 with Owner Douglas Glennon working as a consultant to Compaq Computer. Since then, Doug has worked at various engagements in both large and small organizations conducting custom programming and Content Management installations. Doug continues to be the principal at Glennon Consulting, but since the company's inception we have expanded our repertoire from custom programming to providing many small business services.

We have the creative and technical resources available to complete both small and large projects. These resources all work from their homes and thus we have minimal overhead costs — so that savings is passed on to you. We also like the green aspect of conducting business this way.

Our Community

We're proud to do business in New Hampshire and we take our position in the community seriously. Douglas Glennon is an active member in the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce and volunteers on various committees within that organization. We believe that it's important for all businesses to conduct themselves in a manner that helps their organization, but also helps the community around them grow. Not only is it good for the community, but it's good for business. Because of this belief, we continually strive to expand our work with deserving non-profits that provide a benefit to the greater community.